Web Unlocker Premium Domains

Premium domains are a part of Bright Data's two-tiered website classification system and these are websites that are more challenging to unblock than others and require additional Web Unlocker resources. 

In this article, we will see the current list of Premium domains, understand how to target them, and go over the special pricing. 

Current List of Premium Domains*

  • linkedin.com
  • giantfood.com
  • stopandshop.com
  • giandfoodstores.com
  • martinsfoods.com
  • leboncoin.fr
  • hyatt.com
  • crocs.com
  • canadagoose.com
  • cdiscount.com
  • oreillyauto.com
  • toppreise.ch
  • therealreal.com
  • g2.com
  • idealo.de
  • immobilienscout24.de
  • yad2.co.il
  • trip.com
  • peoplesearchnow.com
  • heb.com

*Note: This list is frequently changing based on our website classification logic. You can see the most up-to-date list within your proxy zone

How to Enable Premium Domains in your Proxy Zone

  • When creating your Web Unlocker zone, check the 'Premium Domains' box under Special features



Once enabled, the premium price of +$5 more per CPM ($8 total), will be reflected in the "Estimated cost" section. 
Note: Even after enabled, only specific requests to these domains will be priced at the higher rate. Requests to other domains will be kept at the default lower tier. 


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