What is Proxy Manager?

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Support Account
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Manages all proxies using one interface

An advanced open-source tool (See project on GitHub) to help you speed up development time with built-in features for managing any proxy operations.
A few of the most important features are:
  • Live preview of the whole traffic
  • Logs and statistics
  • Rules that split the traffic for bandwidth and cost optimization
  • Rules that can automatically retry failed requests
  • Easy way of adjusting headers and SSL fingerprint
  • Access management by whitelisting or generating tokens
  • Enabling the routing of SOCKS5 requests
  • IP rotation and sessions management
  • One-stop-UI to separate your traffic between different ports and keep all statistics together at the same time
  • Automatic load-balancing between several Proxy Manager instances if you decide to host your PM on our Clouds

With Proxy Manager you can drive all Bright Data's different networks.
Watch Bright Data Webinar: How to start using the Proxy Manager