Using BrightData in standard windows 10 settings

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  • Get your proxy address for direct access for Proxy Manager
  • Open start menu (press WIN)
  • Type 'Internet Options'
  • Choose 'Connections' tab
  • Open 'LAN Settings'
  • Un-select 'Automatically detect settings'
  • Select 'Use proxy server for your LAN'
  • Select 'Bypass proxy server for local addresses'
  • Type port and address ( or in appropriate fields
  • Click OK
  • Some applications will interfere with setting up the proxy settings - if that happens, look for a proxy/vpn related application and deactivate them.
  • If you are using Bright Data directly (without proxy manager), you should also configure proxy credentials:
  • Open start menu (press WIN)
  • Type 'Manage Windows Credentials'
  • Click 'add generic credential'
  • Type address without port or protocol (
  • Construct user-name as explained earlier and type it in. Also type in the password
  • Click OK
  • Not all applications will honor the credentials, some applications (like Chrome) will ask for credentials themselves
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