How to rotate your IP address

Why should I care?
When many requests are sent to a website from the same IP, the website can tag the IP used as a crawler and send misleading information or block you. Periodically changing, or rotating, your IP address helps prevent a target site from identifying your IP as a crawler. Rotating your IPs can drop your failure rate to below 1%.

How do I rotate my IP address?
With its easy-to-use Proxy Manager, Bright Data allows you to control:

  • Number of requests permitted before changing the IP
  • Amount of time between IP changes
  • Quantity of IPs in your rotation pool

Guidelines for rotating your IP address with Bright Data:

  1. Open Proxy Manager
  2. Go to the 'proxies' tab
  3. Click on the proxy you want to edit, then on the edit button
  4. Browse rotation options under 'Preset' or 'IP Policy'
  5. Route your requests to{portnum} where the {portnum} is the port of the residential zone

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