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When using proxy for purchasing goods in product releases while keeping your anonymity, you'd probably want to:

  • Make many requests simultaneously
  • Speed up the requests as much as possible
  • Keep the same IP alive throughout the session of each request

To do that using the Proxy Manager:

In case your requests get blocked:

  • Use remote DNS. It will slow down your requests, but it costs the same and the probability that the request will go through is much higher
  • If they still get blocked, go to the Control Panel's Zones page, edit your Zone (pencil icon), and in Plan tab under Permissions choose City. Then go to the Proxy Manager's proxies list and edit your port, go to Targeting, and select a country, a state, and a city. City level targeting is more expensive than the default residential country level targeting, but it significantly increases the chance of a successful request
  • Power tip: Consider switching automatically to the alternative settings mentioned above upon failure of a request using Rules, it will optimize both your results and your proxy costs

To do that using the API:

  • Set the country of the request IP to your country with a 2-letter country code, e.g "us" = United States, to make the requests go shorter distance and arrive faster
  • Set a different session ID to each request with sequential number (1,2,3,4...) to keep previous sessions alive
  • Find fast Super-Proxies close to you by running the following command in CMD/terminal: 
    (Replace COUNTRY with a 2-letter country code)
  • Take the Super-Proxies that you found and rotate between them with every request sent
  • Request examples:
    • First request
      curl --proxy --proxy-user lum-customer-YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID-zone-YOUR_ZONE-country-us-session-0001:s0m3passw0rd ""
    • Second request
      curl --proxy --proxy-user lum-customer-YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID-zone-YOUR_ZONE-country-us-session-0002:s0m3passw0rd ""
    • Third request
      curl --proxy --proxy-user lum-customer-YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID-zone-YOUR_ZONE-country-us-session-0003:s0m3passw0rd ""
    • Fourth request
      curl --proxy --proxy-user lum-customer-YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID-zone-YOUR_ZONE-country-us-session-0004:s0m3passw0rd ""
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