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Compliance note

When operating multiple accounts, the proxy IP must be used uniquely for the purpose that was declared when the Bright Data account was registered!

It is strictly forbidden to use Bright Data's proxy network for false engagement (e.g. promotional reposting, false review posting, false commenting etc.). Such activities will result in closing the account and preventing future registration.

About fingerprints

The IP of the user that operates an account can be detected by either querying on an IP geolocation database (GeoDB), or examining the request/browser's fingerprints (such as: system and browser's version, time, language, plug-ins, and headers sent along with the request).

Using Bright Data's proxies is sometimes not enough for successfully operate and account, and to ensure correct fingerprints per target site, you should use multi-browser software, such as AdsPower, VM Login, Multilogin etc. (see our integration page for additional information).


To successfully operate your accounts with proxy IPs, mind the following:

  • Create long single sessions by using the "Long single session (IP)" preset in the Proxy Manager, to keep the same IP throughout the session
  • If you use a bot, you can create a port in the Proxy Manager and then multiply it as many times as needed
  • When approaching more sensitive websites:
  • Here are 2 of the most popular account management softwares amongst Bright Data customers:

Mobile Setup

Due to the nature of the residential network the IPs will rotate. Therefore, using Mobile IPs is important because target sites are less restrictive to block those IPs even though they are being changed frequently.
When using our Mobile IPs network it is helping with increasing success rates and getting less blocked by target sites.

  • Create a new zone in the CP with mobile permissions
  • In the Proxy Manager multiply ports per Exclusive residential IP
  • Rotate IP every 10-20 requests to enlarge your success rate
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