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Verifying that your ads are displayed and behave as intended requires to access them anonymously from various devices and locations, to click them and check the link's destination.

  • Check how many redirects there are until you reach the final landing page and adjust max requests per IP accordingly
  • Keep the same IP throughout the session by using the "Long single session (IP)" preset in the Proxy Manager
  • After verifying the final destination, automatically change IP and test again. For best results use the Proxy Manager: Create a port for each of the tests you want to carry out, and set a rule for each port that triggers the next relevant port and then the next, until the last test is done
  • Use remote DNS to perform the DNS resolution at the Proxy Peer
  • Different User Agents (browser property) give different results, so test with all the relevant User Agents one, and also sending many subsequent requests with the same User Agent may get them eventually blocked or cloaked
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