Can I choose a specific proxy IP?

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Data Center / ISP IPs

When sending API request ,use the flag -ip-<IP>


Residential / Mobile IPs

Unlike Data Center and ISP IPs, Bridt Data does not allow targeting specific residential/mobile IPs by using -ip-<IP> flag, since such IPs are real users' IPs, and we want to keep the IP private and safe.

Therefore, in order to target a specific residential or mobile proxy IP, use the hashed IP flag
-ip-<IP HASH> which can be found on a test request's response header. 

Please mind:

  • You can use a real user's IP only as long as it's online and available
  • For most use cases we recommend using dedicated residential IPs to have better availability in the same geo-location, or session flag (-session-<SESSION_ID>) to keep an IP you get during a single session of use



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