What types of error messages might SERP API display?

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  • 407: Auth Failed
    Various authentication errors (wrong username/password, IP not whitelisted, zone disabled, or no permission to request specified city/ASN/region)
  • 502: No peers availableCurrently, we have no peer Proxy IPs in the region you requested
  • 502: path must be one of /search, /searchbyimage, /maps/search, /shopping/product, /complete/search
    The URL you typed is not supported with the SERP API zone, open a ticket to resolve the issue
  • 502: one of these parameters must be present: q, image_url
    Mandatory param is missing (q for /search or image_url for /searchbyimage)
  • 502: the inputted country value (gl parameter) does not exist
    Please enter a valid 2-letter country code
  • 502: the inputted language value (hl parameter) does not exist
    Please enter a valid 2-letter language code
  • 502: SERP is currently disabled
    The SERP API has been disabled for maintenance or other reason
  • 502: text/shopping/image search is currently disabled
    Some SERP API search types were disabled for maintenance or other reason
  • 502: start/gbv parameter is not supported for mobile platform
  • 502: only start<100 and divisible by 10 is supported
  • 502: timeout Connection to peer timed out (after several retries with different peers)
  • 502: captcha_last_attempt
    Failed with captcha response (403/redirect to captcha) after several retries
  • 502: response_not_200
    Failed with the erroneous response (4xx/5xx) from Search Engine after several retries
  • 202: Request is pending
    In asynchronous mode, when you collect a response (using the responseID) you might encounter this message, which explains that the request hasn't been processed and is still in the queue.
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