SLA - incident plan Full SLA

Type Examples ETA
General Support Questions
  • How to set up the delivery preferences
  • How to set up subscription
Up to 4 business hour
  • Service offline
  • Unable to initiate collection
  • Delivery failure
Up to 1 business day
Data Collection
  • Parsing issues
  • Incompatible schema

Up to 1 business days

  • Incomplete discovery
  • Collection is slow

Up to 2 business days

  • Extensive change in the website layout

Up to 3 business days

Blocking issue
  • The data point on the website cannot be accessed
Up to 20 business days
Platform usability
  • UI appears to be broken
  • API has stopped working
Up to 3 business days


Min SLA or Maintenance charge on collectors for customers not using them for the full month:

Some customers may not need the full service offered by our collectors for the entire month. However, our billing policy remains unchanged in these scenarios. The charge for a given month is calculated based on whether the collector was used or active during that month, not based on the number of days it was used. This policy has been established to ensure fairness and consistency in our billing practices and applies to all customers.

To learn more about SLA cost and shifting to Full SLA, please check with your account manager, or subscribe from the control panel IDE page

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