How to use parallel Proxy Manager instances for high performance

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When you don't want to overload one Proxy Manager with too many requests you can create several instances of the Proxy manager on different servers.
The best way to do so is by following the next steps:

  • Install the Proxy Manager locally and set all of the ports as needed
  • Save the config file
  • Turn on Sync configurationso all the changes will be kept in sync on all the machines automatically
  • Install the Proxy Manager on the servers you want to use
  • Import the config file to the proxy_manager directory in the servers
  • Split your traffic between the servers
    request 1 -> {FIRST SERVER IP}:24000
    request 2 -> {SECOND SERVER IP}:24000

Using the Proxy Manager with this method will make sure you are not overloading one Proxy Manager instance and it will help you keep the same configuration across all instances.
This means you can send requests from same port with the same country at the same time on each instance.

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