How can I transition from the API to the Proxy Manager?

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Transitioning from the API to the Proxy Manager is easy.

By default, the Proxy Manager supports a drop-in port 22225 which is configured to behave exactly the same way as our super proxies do.

  1. Download and install Proxy Manager
  2. Run the Proxy Manager on a machine your code can access
  3. In the relevant place update the proxy address from( the machine IP where your Proxy Manager runs on (usually
  4. Send your requests the same way you did using the API to

A more advanced way to integrate the Proxy Manager in your code is by configuring new proxies with your desired configuration through the Proxy Manager UI( by sending HTTP(S) requests to the specified port.

In this case, you do not need to send the additional user parameter. For example, if you set a new proxy on port 24001 with a long session IP preset, you would send HTTP requests to without additional parameters, unless you want to send custom headers with the request.

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