Can I access Proxy Manager hosted on a remote machine?

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Yes. The Proxy Manager can be installed on one machine and be accessible from outside to send requests and to make adjustments to the Proxy configurations.
Note that you will need to take the following security steps to make sure the Proxy Manager is allowed to be used only by trusted sources.
In addition, you might need to allow access on your server's firewall in order to accept connections from different ports that are configured in the Proxy Manager.
See below instructions on how to allow ports on your machine:

  • Windows
  • Linux / MacOS
    • Check if firewall is enabled:
      sudo ufw status
    • If firewall is active, open any port you are planning to use (24000 in this example):
      sudo ufw allow 24000
    • On your router: follow router specific instructions to forward port 24000 to your local IP address
  • CentOS
    • Open any port you are planning to use (24000 in this example):
      sudo firewall-cmd --zone="public" --add-port=24000/tcp --permanent
    • Reload firewall settings:
      sudo firewall-cmd --reload

If you want to access Proxy Manager UI (the dashboard), port 22999 should be open as well.