Whitelisting IPs that can use Proxy Manager

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You can control who can access the Proxy Manager instance. You can do it by setting whitelisted IPs separately for accessing the UI (dashboard) and for sending the traffic through proxy ports is allowed for accessing the UI (dashboard) and sending the traffic by default.

How do I whitelist IPs for the UI (dashboard)?

If you want to access the UI (dashboard) through the browser on port 22999 you have to whitelist it in the General settings, like in the screenshot below:

How do I whitelist IPs for the proxy traffic?

This section is relevant only to Proxy Manager on Premise as you are always required to inlcude the username and password along with the requests using Cloud Proxy Manager.

Similarly to whitelisting IPs for the dashboard you can choose what external IPs are allowed for sending the traffic through the proxy ports without passing credentials.
Note that all the IPs allowed for the dashboard are automatically allowed also for the proxy. If they were not they could access the UI and add themselves anyway so they are already there.
You can set whitelisted IPs for proxy for the whole Proxy Manager. IPs added in General settings will be applied to all the proxy ports:

Additionally you can extend the list of IPs independently for each proxy port:

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