How to get IPs from specific locations?

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Why do I need targeting?

With Bright Data you can specify the geolocation and other parameters of the IPs you use for sending traffic. In Proxy Manager it's especially easy because it take only a few clicks.
Depending on the zone you use you can request IPs only from a specific country (if you use Residential or Datacenter network) or additionally specific carrier (if you use Mobile network).

How to set targeting in Proxy Manager?

To get IPs from a specific location, follow these steps:

  • Click on the proxy port that you want to use location-specific IPs
  • Go to Targeting tab
  • Select country, state, city for choosing a peer in a specific geolocation
  • Select ASN or carrier name (only for mobile peers)

NOTE: Each targeting option requires the proper permissions in your Zone.

How to use IPs from multiple countries without creating many ports?

If you want to use multiple countries and you don't want to create a separate proxy port for each country it's also possible to control the targeting dynamically. Check how to use dynamic targeting.

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