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In order to test the Residential network, before committing to a monthly price plan, we will allow a free trial so you can test and be sure that your business needs are being fully accomplished using our services.

Free trial options

    We offer 2 types of free trials for the residential network, based on your account status:
  • Company - If you are signing up on behalf of a company, you are eligible for a completely free 7-day trial upon verification of company registration and ownership
  • Non-Company - If you are signing up as a freelancer or as an independent owner you will be eligible for a 3 days money back guarantee. In case you decide that the service is not suitable for your needs, you will be granted 3 days to claim back your used balance.


  • all trials are subject to a successful on-boarding process
  • The free trial is offered for those who sign for a monthly plan of $500 or more of the 'rotating' residential network (not static residential)

How can I set up a free trial account to test the Bright Data residential IP network?

  • You will first need to Signup and activate your Bright Data account.
  • After you verified your email address and have access to your account, fill out the residential on-boarding form and your account manager will contact you to continue the process.
    it usually takes a few hours to approve your Residential IPs access.
  • If you are not looking to use residential proxies and need Data center proxies, you do not need to fill out the onboarding form.
    You can simply add funds to your account in the billing page and create Data center Zone.

My trial ended. What's next?

After your trial has ended, the system will disable your residential Zones to prevent any unwanted charges to your account.
You should take the following steps in order to continue using the Residential proxies:

  • Make sure you have a valid Payment method
  • Add funds to your account. You need to ensure that you have enough balance to top up your monthly plan.
  • Enable back your residential Zones

Will I be billed automatically once my trial ends?

No you will not.
Regardless of having payment method set in your account or not, once the residential trial is over your account will be assigned with a 'Starter' residential plan of $500 (see pricing plans). This new pricing plan will be disabled and will not take effect unless you manually decide to enable it by activating your residential Zones.
You will not be charged by the system automatically.

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