Proxy manager connection error (port status is not "ok")

Alon Shany
Alon Shany
  • Updated

If you cannot log in to Proxy Manager, or If Proxy Manager cannot connect to Super Proxy (i.e. port status is not OK), check the following:

  • Make sure that VPN is not turned on
  • Make sure that there is no anti-virus or any other security software (such as 360, Norton, etc.) blocking traffic sent from Proxy Manager
  • Make sure that the firewall (OS / server / any other security software's firewall) allows TCP traffic through ports 22000-25000
  • If the proxy manager software is installed on macOS/ Linux server - Verify that:
    • Node.js version is between 12.18.3 and 14.18.1
    • NPM version is between 6.14.6 and 8.1.3
    • If versions of NPM and Nodejs are not the one we're supporting - please remove them and install the versions that we specified. More information regarding Linux/Mac installation can be found at our GitHub page