Ori Goren-Bar 阳锐
Ori Goren-Bar 阳锐
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  • ZONE — The zone name for which you want to get the info. view my Zones
  • CUSTOMER — Your account id which you can get from your control panel
  • PASSWORD — Your zone password. view my Zones
  • COUNTRY — The country code you wish to filter the request. (e.g '-country-us' for United states)
  • API_TOKEN — The token which you (or your account admin) created in account settings

Permissions types:

  • Admin - can manage all aspects of the account, remove and add users, and control Billing functions
  • Ops - can manage the zones, access permissions, create and remove zones, cannot access Billing tab information
  • Finance - can manage Billing, see and download invoices, and set payment methods
  • User - can only use the account proxy infrastructure, cannot modify existing zones, users or payments

If you're looking for documentation about using proxies, follow this link.

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