What to do if I cannot log in when opening Proxy Manager?

Ori Goren-Bar 阳锐
Ori Goren-Bar 阳锐
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If you fail to log in to your Proxy Manager (PM), please do the following:

  • Make sure that the computer that runs PM is not using a VPN.
    Mind that using a VPN while running PM might cause login problems, and also slow down the  connection to the proxies
  • Close PM (the terminal's black screen where PM is running)
  • Delete cookies on your browser
  • Open PM again (it takes about 1-2 minutes for PM to load) 
  • Try to log in on the same method you did before (by using Google, or by using your registered mailbox and password)

    P.S.  After PM loads, the default browser should open automatically on PM's login page. If it does not, open your browser, browse, and then try to log in.
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