How to define a proxy IP country when using SOCKS5 protocol with Proxy Manager?

Ori Goren-Bar 阳锐
Ori Goren-Bar 阳锐
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SOCKS5 protocol uses an encrypted base64 string for authentication.

Therefore, when using SOCKS5, if you need to define a proxy IP country (-country-<COUNTRY_CODE>), you will have to convert your basic authentication information into base64 token:

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  • Encode lum-customer-<YOUR_CUSTOMER_ID>-zone-<YOUR_ZONE>-country-<COUNTRY>:<ZONE_PASSWORD>  to Base64 format token
  • Use the "Basic authorization token" header you generated on the SOCKS5 request that you send the Proxy Manager port:
    curl --socks5 "" -H "Proxy-Authorization: Basic <Basic authorization token>" -v
  • Check the response you got: you will see that SOCKS5 protocol is being used. and that the proxy country IP is the one you set
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