How can I use Proxy credentials type: http://host:port || IP:PORT ?

In case you are using software that can accept only IP:PORT and not accept 
IP:PORT USERNAME:PASSWORD - you will need to use an additional tool.

In order to remove the user name password section from the request, please use the Bright Data
Proxy Manager tool.
The proxy manager can be installed on your machine locally or on a remote server.

When using the proxy manager, the authentication to the bright data network is established when you are logged in to the proxy manager, the requests parameters are been controlled by the port settings, which set the zone, country, DNS resolution, and many other parameters.

You can also use our own Clouds to host Proxy Managers, it'll be established in 2 clicks and will safe time for your team to set it up.

Regardless, the proxy manager contains more rules to help you achieve the best results.

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