Can I download a media file with Data Collector? Is there an extra cost for downloading media files?

Yes, you can download and deliver media files with Data Collector. A media file is charged as one page load. 


* Reminder: Screenshots of pages are not considered a page load; only image resources are charged as page loads. 


How to configure Data collector to download media files

- Template : Use 'Image' or 'Video' command to download media files using URL of files


- Output schema : Set 'Data type' of the parameter to 'Image' or 'Video' and check 'Download'



How can I receive media files? 

- Batch : When a job is done, the collector will deliver media files to your storage - collector cannot deliver files when delivery method is set to Email / API download


- Realtime : Same as batch setting, files will be delivered to your storage when collection is done. However, with realtime you can also use 'API download'. /get_result API will return result with file name and you can call /get_result API again with file name you received from previous call.






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