How to find your Google Cloud Private Key

Hyun Kim
Hyun Kim
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1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console home page -

2. Expand the menu by Google Cloud Platform, and click IAM & Admin.

3. Click ‘Service accounts’.


4. Choose an existing service account from the list or create one.


If the button is not visible, create a project first in order to 'Create Service Account’.


5. Create the service account by entering the name, ID, and description at the ‘Create Service Account’ process. Then grant the access and create the account.


6. Click on Email of the service account.


7. To access the keys, click on the 'KEYS' tab. Click the "Add Key" dropdown and then select 'Create New Key'.


8. Choose JSON as the key type.


9. The service account key JSON file is automatically downloaded to your local machine.

10. Copy "private_key" from the downloaded JSON file & Paste it to Data Collector delivery settings.



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