Why is installing the Bright Data certificate required for immediate Residential access?

Gal El Al
Gal El Al
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Installing our certificate is required to prevent misuse of the Residential Network. Once the certificate is installed, we are able to automatically prevent such misuse - this ability allows us to provide you with immediate access to the Residential network without any verification process.

Follow the Certificate installation guidelines and FAQ


Bright Data will have access to your usage, i.e. web pages you visit, time spent on those pages, access times, and dates. Bright Data will save this data for a limited time for the following purposes:

- in order to fix any performance issues
- to allow Bright Data compliance to verify your use is in accordance with Bright Data ethical guidelines 

Bright Data will not share this information with third parties, except if required in order to comply with applicable law.

You can find further information Here


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