Request a managed collector

To request a custom collector, fill out a form so we can understand what you want to collect and in what structure you’d like to receive the data.


Step 1 - Create and define the project

A : Name the project
B : Select a Project Owner user
C : Select a Data type
D : Define the type of project
- One-time data collection (collect only once)
- Continuous data collection (collect regularly)


Step 2 - Define output schema*

*A schema describes how the data is structured and how the database is built. In the data collector, the schema is constructed by defined fields like objects, arrays, text, numbers, dates, URLs, etc., and how they are arranged.

A : Choose a schema you want
- New schema
- Popular outputs
B : Manage 'parsed data' fields 
C : We provide built-in additional data points that you can toggle if needed
D : Edit a field
- Enter name of the field - e.g.  “product_name”
- Define the type of data - e.g. “text” (String)
- Set default value - e.g. null
- Custom Validation ensures that the type of data and code received is according to your request. I.e., data type “text” and not “images.”
Step 3 - Add target website URLs & Define input
A : Enter the target domain you want to collect the data from
B : Mapping the Data
- Map out the data you’d like us to collect using the names you defined in the output. By mapping the elements you wish to collect, developers will understand what data to collect and complete the process faster. You can present the data collection flow using a short video or a PDF with screenshots.
- Attach a mapping document : Upload the explanation of the data collection flow in a PDF, PPT, PPTX
- Record a video to gude us :  Choose one of the video recording software to record the data collection flow
C : Select the country you wish to access the target website from
D : Define input fields
- Defining the input indicates what you are looking to collect. It could be a keyword (search term) such as “iPhone 13” or a specific URL ( to be used as the input.
- Upload a CSV file with the number of inputs. For example, a list of URLs. To upload easily without errors, you can use the template provided
- Add input parameters and define the data type
Step 4 - Place the order
After placing the order, we will deliver you a custom collector within two business days.



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