The statistics page presents essential information about the success of the data collection. Below is a list of all the terms included in the statistics table:


  • Job ID - The unique id of the collection
  • Trigger - The person who initiated the data collection and how (API, manually or scheduled)
  • Inputs - The number of inputs inserted into the collection
  • Records - The number of results collected
  • Failed - The number of pages failed to be crawled
  • Success rate - The percentage of the results that were successfully collected
  • Queued at - The queue timestamp
  • Started at - The date and time when the collector began collecting
  • Finished at - The date and time when the collector finished collecting
  • Job time - The length of time it took to complete
  • Estimated time left - The amount of time left until collection is complete
  • Queue - The name of the job given in the trigger behavior (Queue name)
  • Usage - The total amount of page loads used


Statistics actions menu


  • 3 dots

    Here you can perform different functions with the data collection job:

    • Redeliver results - resend the results of the collector to your pre-defined location
      - Datasets: only resend datasets.
      - Datasets & Media: resend datasets and pictures/videos.
    • Rerun job - Initiate the same job again using the same inputs.
      - Rerun all from the beginning
      - Rerun failed pages
    • Quick view - preview the results without downloading them.
      - Live streaming: view the results live as they are collected.
    • Crawl log - review the logs created by the collector.
    • Errors - shows only the errors that occurred in the collection.
    • Activity - displays crawler activity and errors in a graph.
    • Download input file - you can download the inputs you added to the job.
    • Results are wrong - report incorrect results.
  • Download results

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