Difference in calculation of traffic in Proxy Manager panel and Control Panel

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Proxy Manager is a middleman between the request initiator and our Super Proxy servers. Proxy Manager statistics can be seen here, and Super Proxy statistics can be seen here. So each request that you send to Proxy Manager eventually reaches Super Proxy. But there could be a difference in traffic calculations, here's why:

  • Proxy Manager calculates incoming requests as they are being sent, but after they reach the Proxy Manager, it attaches additional headers, so that request's response will have more information about the request's flow (timeline, proxy IP, etc)
  • Requests that reach the Super Proxy server from Proxy Manager are incoming with those additional parameters; that's why Super Proxy calculates slightly bigger requests than it initially was when reached Proxy Manager
  • Proxy Manager sometimes adds headers to present a better view of logs, but this data is not being calculated in the billing

In conclusion, the main source of traffic statistics should be Zones' page since it represents statistics formulated by Super Proxy.

As a rule - Bright Data uses the Zones' page for calculation and one source of truth 
Invoices and billing events will be triggered based on the zones calculations